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Songbird Landscaping can help bring the landscape you are envisioning to be a reality.

  • Maybe you are needing a design, or help putting your ideas together, or you have a plan and need someone to install it for you.
  • Maybe your irrigation is broken or not performing the way it should.
  • Maybe you are looking for someone to treat those trees, lawn or shrubs for the diseases and insects that are making them undesirable.
  • Maybe you’re looking for concrete curbing, water feature install or repair, lawn overseeding, pavers, or lighting…

Then you’re at the right place. Check out some of the options below or click on the Services tab to see all we can do!!

I’m looking forward to visiting with you and finding solutions for your questions.

Logan Giesbrecht

Where you can get the landscape you’re dreaming

of to become a reality……..

Songbird Landscaping Design

Landscape Design

With our CAD Landscape Design software, we can edit an image of your project to show how your project might look when it is finished. We can also plan out your entire project with our ‘Planner View’ to expose any potential problems before the installation phase.





Songbird Landscaping offers a wide range of services that cover all of your landscaping needs. No job too big or too small.



Pavers are a great way to bring your landscape alive with versatility!!  Whether it’s a walkway to the front door, and path to the back garden, or a patio to sit and relax on or use your grill for a friendly get together; pavers create a solid investment that will look great for years.

Songbird Landscaping Decorative Curbing

Decorative Landscape Curbing


Songbird Landscaping has the ability to incorporate decorative curbing into your landscaping, creating a unique, low-maintenance solution that will make your landscaping stand out.

Decorative Curbing

Songbird Landscaping Irrigation

Irrigation Installation & Repair


Songbird Landscaping can design, install, adjust, and repair your irrigation system to make sure your lawn is getting the optimal amount of moisture.


Songbird Landscaping Maintenance



Songbird Landscaping offers a full range of maintenance services that can be tailored to fit your needs and budget. See the wide range of affordable maintenance services that we offer.


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